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WATCH: Anthony Hamilton Talks Meeting Rick James & Getting 'Back Together'

Soulful R&B crooner Anthony Hamilton teamed up with the late Rick James for his new single, "Back Together" and now joins us for exclusive iHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat with answers to some of your burning questions.

In the video above, you find out what this 39-year-old platinum-selling recording artist has learned about himself during this pandemic, which song by R. Kelly makes him feel like he's "powerful enough to do anything," what it was like meeting Rick James and his plans for getting back on the road to go on tour.

In case you haven't heard, take a listen to Anthony's latest track, "Back Together" featuring Rick James below:

Also, take a look at what Anthony had to say to the crew about his new single, "Back Together" and what we can expect from his new album below:

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