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WATCH: Charlie Wilson Talks 'One I Got,' Retirement & Movie Plans

Uncle Charlie, last name Wilson is here with answers to your iHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat questions.

Straight off the release of his latest single, "One I Got," a modern rendition of the Four Tops 1972 hit single, "Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)," Uncle Charlie took time to answer your questions.

Find out why the former lead singer of The Gap Band wears two watches, what exactly are his plans for retirement and if we can expect a biopic any time soon in the video above:

Take a look at the official video to "One I Got" below:

Lastly, Charlie Wilson recently joined the crew to talk, "One I Got," how life has been since he's been in quarantine, where he stands on the side of social justice and his plans for getting back in the studio.

Find what Charlie aka the "Black @$$ Hit Maker" had to say:

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