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Joe Biden Talks Building Wealth For Black America

On Wednesday (9/23), Democratic nominee, VP Joe Biden called in to the The Steve Harvey Morning Show to talk with host Steve Harvey about the Biden-Harris plan for black America, voter suppression and the late, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Biden, who worked closely with Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, gushed over her legacy:

"I had the great honor of presiding over her- I, as the chairman of the judiciary committee when she was nominated and the thing that made her so person said, 'she did as much for women as Justice Marshall did for African Americans.' She just changed the whole course of modern history in terms of women's rights and women's opportunities."

He continued to describe her impact saying "the conservatives, they treated her with respect and she was able to bring people together...and I think that was the remarkable additional trait that she had."

While there were a lot of fine women he had to choose from, the former Vice President explained that Kamala Harris stood out the most because "she's so damn bright and knowledgeable...she [was] ready on day one."

With 41 days left until the 2020 presidential election, the excitement for the Biden-Harris ticket is palpable. However, there is one question lingering in the minds of the Steve Harvey Nation and that is, "what is the Biden-Harris plan for black America?"

"Although I've been deeply involved in the Civil Rights movement my whole life. I come from the state with the 8th highest black population of any state in the nation. I still don't, fully, fully, appreciate exactly how tough it is and that fact is, one of the most important things to do is put black men and women in the position where they can accumulate wealth. Where they're in a position where they begin to actually have the place in the community, where as a people across the board, they grow the middle class."

Furthermore, Biden talks how he plans to budget $30 billion for minority-owned businesses in America and placing "navigators" in place at the White House to enhance financial literacy.

Take a listen:

In terms of voting, former Vice President Joe Biden feels "the African American community can determine this election," and stresses the importance of voting in the black community and how we need to safeguard ourselves against voter suppression.

Take a listen to the full interview where Biden goes on to explain his agenda for HBCUs, housing and funding for entrepreneurs.

Make sure your voice is heard at the polls November 3rd.

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