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[WATCH] Queen Naija Talks Being 'missunderstood' & Her Fear Of Bees

Michigan native, Queen Naija stopped by for an exclusive iHeart Radio Ask Anything Chat withThe Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Two years after serving us a dose of her "Medicine," the 25-year-old songstress got intimate with our Steve Harvey Nation family on what inspired the name of her debut album, "missunderstood," how a failed relationship helped her get her big break in the music industry, her 3 biggest fears in life and why she feels voting is important. Take a look at the video above to hear more on what she had to say about her music, children and her favorite snacks.

Check out her latest single, "Lie To Me" featuring Lil Durk below:

Be sure to check out Queen Naija's debut album, "missunderstood," out NOW!

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