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See The 'Promised Land' With Barack Obama

On Thursday (12/3), President Barack Obama stopped by The Steve Harvey Morning Show to talk his latest book, "A Promised Land: The Presidential Memoirs, Volume 1."

In an one-on-one conversation with our fearless leader, Steve Harvey, President Obama talks his historic presidential campaign of 2008, including the impact it had on "[he] and Michelle in terms of [their] marriage, how [their] kids adjusted to it, all the amazing people who helped [them] behind the scenes" and so much more.

Since exiting the White House in 2016, we've all been wondering what has 44 been up to? Other than enjoying life without the weight of the country on his shoulders, President Obama tells Steve how he felt "obliged to write" a memoir to "serve as a roadmap for young people on how to make a difference and how life in the oval office works" along with how to take "responsibility for [their] community and future generations."

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As we all know, becoming president is no small feat. President Obama shares with Steve on when he knew he could become president:

"I started off in public life as a community organizer and I was a little skeptical about politics and so was Michelle by the way...I think it wasn't until I spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. I knew it was a good speech, but it really blew up...the way it resonated...just that kind of sense you have sometimes when you're connecting with an audience and that audience was millions of people around the country." He continues, "A combination of being in the right place, at the right time with a message that resonated with people."

A message that resonated with the world, that change is possible, that anything is possible. Furthermore, President Obama shares what family life was like in the White House with staff members, including butlers who were responsible for the "magic" that took place behind the scenes.

"...all of [the butlers] African American or Hispanic. Most of them older, they reminded me Michelle's uncles and Malia and Sasha reminded them of their grandkids. Many of them arrived at the White House when it was unimaginable that there would ever be a black family in the White House." He goes on to say one of his biggest accomplishments is that "we came out of there and our girls turned out to be kind and smart and thoughtful and respectful and treat everybody with grace and love. That's something we're really, really proud of."

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Steve recalls visiting President Obama for the first time in the White House and how "emotional" it was to sit in the Oval Office and interview the first African American to hold office.

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Oh how we miss our forever President!

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