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Eat Your Way Out Of Sickness With DHerbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin

At the top of each year, many make resolutions to lose weight. We hear it all the time, New Year, New You and while most of us have the best intentions we find ourselves falling short.

Fret no longer.

On this Wellness Wednesday (1/13) our dear family friend and CEO of DHerbs, A.D. Dolphin stopped by to talk the the importance of ridding the 'New Year' blues by getting back on track to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle with the DHerbs 'Full Body Cleanse.'

Before you get skeptic, let it be known that our fearless leader Steve Harvey has done it, Shirley Strawberry has done it, Nephew Tommy, Carla Ferrell and most recently, your favorite play cousin Junior "Kier" Spates has done it and has seen amazing results.

As we know, being healthy is important than ever these days and A.D. highlights that the food we put in our body can support/hinder our last line of defense which is our immune system.

Now what makes DHerbs 'Fully Body Cleanse' different from any other don't have to starve yourself or drink some sort of weird concoctions to reach your goals. Instead, Dolpin ensures that the DHerbs body cleanse is nothing like that.

"You can eat as many fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and raw seeds during this [20-day] time period that your heart desires. Also, [Dherbs Full Body] cleanse doesn't just focus on your colon, it actually focuses on your entire body.'

So if you want to lose "between 10-30 lbs, a huge boost in energy, stronger immune system, clearer skin" and etc, do yourself a favor, go to, enter promo code "radio" for a discount or call 866-4-DHERBS (343727).

Get ready to change your life and check out the full interview below.

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