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Subject: He Loves Sweet Smelling Lotions (Steve's Response)

Subject: He Loves Sweet Smelling Lotions
Dear Steve and Shirley,
I met a 42-year-old divorced man online a month ago and he was absolutely everything I had asked God for. We do Bible study every night, he has a very nice smile and he’s self-employed. He too said that I was everything he’d asked for in a woman and he was moving fast with our relationship. By our 3rd week of being together, he wanted me to come over and spend a night with him. We live 40 minutes apart and he had been coming to visit me each time, so I decided to visit his home and spend an evening with him. When I walked in, his home smelled like warm vanilla and it was a nice first impression, but I soon noticed that it looked like his wife still lives there. He hadn’t changed a thing in 15 years. There was a “His and Hers” sign over the master bed and in the master bathroom, he had scented bath bombs, scented soaps, lotions and candles everywhere. He had told me that he’s been single for 15 years, so I asked him who the lavender, peach, pink peony and juniper breeze scented lotions and soaps belong to. He said they’re his because he loves to smell good after a hot bath. He said his wife got him hooked on those scents years ago. That night, we got ready for bed and after he showered, he put on tons of juniper breeze body lotion and we watched a movie. I slept in the guest room that night, but his scent lingered all in the back of the house. I’ve never dated a man that smells better than me so I’ve been distant from him for the past week or so, until I figure things out. I need your advice on this. Is this a red flag or do you think this is something he might be willing to change for me?"

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