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PETA Wants You To Stop Using Animal Slurs

On Wednesday (2/3), the Steve Harvey Morning Show crew talked PETA's request for individuals to stop using language that is deemed as derogatory or "insults" animals.

In a recent Twitter post, "PETA [asked] Merriam-Webster, & others to help combat speciesism & reduce animal abuse by removing derogatory definitions of pigs, snakes, & dogs."

What does that mean?

Well, PETA wants you to stop using terms such as "dog" when referring to someone as "a despicable man or youth," using the term "pig" when describing someone else as "a dirty, gluttonous, or repulsive person, the use of the word "snake" when referring to "a treacherous or deceitful person" and etc.

In which our fearless leader, Steve Harvey responded, "Let me tell you something PETA, [we're] not removing animal names to describe nothing." He continued, "we're not changing that...I'm not going to stop a damn thing."

With so much reverence to the preservation of life and "creating a more inclusive world," Steve wants to know "where is PETA when it comes to Black Lives Matter?"

Check out Uncle Steve's response in the video above.

Happy Black History Month!

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