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Subject: I Like Big Butts & I Cannot Lie [WATCH]

Subject: I Like Big Butts & I Cannot Lie
Dear Steve and Shirley,
I believe my wife is tripping for no reason. The other day, we were in the grocery store going down the aisle and there were two women shopping together in front of us. They both had carts full of groceries so as we passed them, I noticed all of the stuff in their baskets. We turned onto the next aisle and my wife pinched me and said she saw what I was staring at. I have to admit that I noticed the women’s huge butts, but I zoomed in on all of the groceries that they had piled up. These women were the typical sistas you see now, with small waists and big butts, which I see all day long in my line of work. In my defense, the women had on leggings that were thin and I could see all of the indentions in their butts. I love the naturalness of a lump or two. I am a 44 year old man and I’ve seen it all… I like big butts and I cannot lie. It is my wife’s insecurity that I can’t deal with. She feels disrespected if I look at something in front of me. I didn’t look back at the women or anything. The butts were in front of us. She has made it such a big deal and has been ranting about it for days. I told her that God gave me two eyes and I like to watch what’s going on around me. It didn’t matter if the women were fine as wine or mud dirt ugly, it’s a manly instinct to look at booties. My wife has her own very, very nice booty and I compliment her daily on her figure, her hair or her beauty. We’ve been married 9 years and her insecurity has gotten worse. I can’t walk around with my head down when I’m with her, so I need your advice. How can I get her to stop this nonsense?

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