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Bachelor Peter Weber Explains 'How Men Think'


Photo: Getty Images

Bachelor Peter Weber might be a commercial airline pilot for his day job, but if this episode of How Men Think is any indication, he could moonlight as an advice columnist. On the How Men Think podcast, a different male celebrity – anyone from country superstar Jimmie Allen to Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett – takes over the phone lines to answer all the listeners’ most burning questions about why men do the things they do, and of course reveal personal anecdotes about themselves along the way. Peter gives some great advice about flirtatious coworkers, making friends with a new boyfriend’s friends, and whether to give a guy a second chance.

For example, when Danielle calls in, she asks if the commonly-used phrase “if he wanted to, he would” was really accurate. She’s 23, and she feels like guys her age are in a “transition phase,” so maybe there are exceptions to this rule. But Peter says. “I think that phrase is 100% accurate regardless of what age a man is or what part of his life he’s in….if a guy is into you and he’s feeling you and he’s not questioning it, believe me, he will let you know that. You’re not going to be curious.” He goes on to tell her not to settle for a guy who makes her question where she stands. “I think everyone deserves that person that doesn’t allow that doubt to creep in.” 

Similarly, he tells a woman who’s worried that her boyfriend feels insecure in their relationship because she’s bisexual that “if that’s a part of you, you can’t hide that. Your partner needs to be able to accept that, and if not, that’s not your person.” Of course, “communication is key,” but actions are really Peter’s love language; he tells one woman who wonders how to connect with her boyfriend’s friends that simply putting in the effort to plan fun group dates or outings “won’t go unseen” by either her boyfriend or his friend group. “That will go such a long way.” Are you wondering How Men Think? Let Peter shed a little light on this episode. 

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