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Janelle Monae Talks Choosing Freedom Over Fear

In between tours and promoting her latest single, "I Like That" We caught up with Janelle Monae in our iHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat den, where she answered questions submitted by fans just like you!

In the fan led interview, Monae touches on a topic that many of us deal with everyday and that is fear. People often define fear as f.alse e.vidence a.ppearing r.eal. An illusion that  affects millions of people around the world. While there's no real way to avoid it, she explains that you still have a choice of how you will allow it to affect you.

"It's a daily choice that you have to make 'cause fear is real and nobody is exempt from it. But in those moments, don't try to not be fearful. Just make a choice. Freedom is more important than fear."


The Kansas City native also talks why she chooses to wear black and white majority of the time.

"I use black and white as a way to pay homage to my working class family. My mom was a..janitor and my dad was a trash man and my stepdad was just like my dad; [he] worked at the post office. And my grandma served food at the county jail for over 25 years. I really use my family and my community and the working class to inspire my really make a statement to pay homage to them."

Take a look:

Check out the video to her latest single, "I Like That"

Ohh, I like that! Go Janelle! 

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