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I lost weight and maybe my husband too

Hello Steve and Shirley, I am a 35 year old married woman who can truly say I am married to my soul mate. We have been together for 8 years. My husband is slim… he weighs about 165lbs. I was close to 250lbs when we started dating and at my heaviest weight, I was 282lbs. He loved my weight when he first met me and loved it even more when I was bigger. He couldn't get enough of me. When I would complain about my hanging stomach or my cellulite, he would say I was crazy, and that I wasn't big. He loved to play with my stomach rolls and kiss on them. I got tired of carrying that load around and went on a serious diet. He thought I was joking because I have attempted to lose weight several times with no success. Now I have lost 96lbs! But, now I am rethinking this weight loss. My husband doesn't look at me with stars in his eyes anymore. He still treats me the same, but I can tell he’s disappointed. I knew he liked bigger women and now I feel like I should try to gain my weight back to the size I was when he met me. I was just as active then and I still had a clean bill of health when I was heavier. Should I compromise my weight for my marriage?

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