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How can I get my parents to break-up?

Good Morning Steve and Shirley, 

My parents are miserable with each other. They have been married almost 30 years and can't stand each other. My dad had an affair a few years ago and once my mom found out, the affair ended. Shortly after that, my mom began having an affair. My mom’s affair has been going on for a couple of years. When my mom’s affair first started, I hoped it was just a payback for my dad’s affair, but it has seemed to be more serious now. I thought my parents’ marriage would have ended by now, but nope! My dad has a great job and makes great money and so does my mother. But my dad falls short in other areas. He would rather pay someone to do housework instead of doing it himself. So when he tells my mom to hire a plumber, she calls her boyfriend over. Her boyfriend has a great job and makes great money as well, but he comes by the house to fix things for my mom. He also does the things for my mom that my dad won’t do, like take my mom on dates and trips. And according to my mom, her boyfriend is better in bed. How do I advise my parents to get a divorce? 

Please help