You dumb, got married, now ready for a beatdown!

Let me begin saying I gave my husband 16 years of my life we got married young, never the less Steve I need your help.  I lost my dad 2 years ago and   when I hear you speak you remind me so much of him.  I am 31 years old, my soon to be ex-husband is 33.  He recently informed me he wants a divorce because he says I do not trust him but let me begin saying he has given me every reason not to trust him but yet I forgave him.  Now I never caught him intimate with someone but he has always tried to leave me for someone else and god has always revealed him.  This time he got revealed and he is mad.  No, he has not cheated as far as I know, but he has been on the internet looking at women sending them messages.  To me that is internet cheating and I want to beat his butt with a black leather belt dipped in water.  I am so tired of his mess! He lies, he keeps secrets, he even keeps his phone on silent.  He is not a pimp in all caps like he thinks but somewhere down the line he thinks he is all of that.  I am a woman that cooks, cleans, washed his clothes, fulfilled his needs and makes him feel like he is king of the castle and this fool tells me he does not like that!  It makes him feel that I love him too much!  He also said he don’t love me like I love him but he do love me and care for me.  He is crazy and losing his marbles I believe but all said and done I do love him but I am tired and ready to move on but the love I have won’t allow me.  It’s so much has went on and I don’t want to go in all detail but I do need some advice from you Steve.  You are my radio father and I listen to you faithful.  Please help!