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Strawberry Letter: Three-way love affair

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 40 year old woman who has been seeing 3 different men for some time now. One lives with me and honestly, I care about him, but he really can't support us like a man is supposed to. He is 49, nice looking, no driver license, no drive or ambition and he has 4 baby mamas. He really is a nice guy his sex game is bananas! He has called me out of my name and he threatened to hit me, but he has never put his hands on me. The 2nd guy lives in Arizona and he treats me like a queen… he buys me gifts, took me to Hawaii for my 40th birthday, shows me respect, and even sends my mother flowers. He is the real deal and I honestly love him too, but there are some things that I can't stand about him. He is arrogant as hell and thinks he knows it all. He is not that attractive and his sex is horrible. The third guy is the one that I am crazy in love with, and honestly I don't know why. He was married when we first got together. He lied and told me that they were separated and living in separate houses. I later found out that was a lie. We never go anywhere and he has only bought me one thing. Now this man is gorgeous, tall, dark, and loves his kids as well. He has a good job and we use have fun together. He kept telling me that he was going to get a divorce. Well guess what! His wife died and we STILL are not together. I honestly think he has someone else. I know I sound dumb as heck to even be dealing with these men. I know I need to clean my slate and just be single. I really need someone else's insight. Shirley, what's your advice?

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