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Strawberry Letter: Tired of the Game!

Dear Steve and Shirley,

 I have been in a relationship with a guy for 6 years now.  Through the entire relationship he has managed to lie and cheat and actually blamed me for cheating.  He has disappeared for an entire week and reappeared the next, talking about I have been calling you all day.  He tries to make me believe that he wants a committed relationship but he advertises himself all over the internet as a single man. Right now he is without a job and is hanging onto me like I am his only salvation.  The sad part is that I have been through so much psychological abuse by him that I am not feeling him anymore.  When I have sex with him, all I feel is disgust and I want him off of me but I feel sorry for him and every time I kick him to the curb he calls begging and I take him back.  Everything else in my life is going fine.  That is the only problem I have.  How can I get rid of this dude without feeling sorry and taking him back?  He has asked me to marry him a few times but I do not see myself having a future with him.  He is dishonest and lives a double life.  In front of me he appears to be a straight up guy but behind my back he is a straight up dog.  I know this because of the many emails I found to other women.  Your advice is appreciated, thank you.         

Listen below to hear the response from Shirley and Steve.  Have your own Strawberry Letter you want to submit?  Click HERE!!!!