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Strawberry Letter: My Husband is Verbally Abusive!

Hi Steve, Hi Shirley,

My husband is verbally abusive, he gets upset with me and calls me names like butthole, trifling, and says I am not a good wife and that I could be replaced.  He comes home from work on my day off and will call me upstairs to ask me what I did all day.  What?  I am a grown woman!   We went to counseling about this but it doesn’t seem like it is getting better.  He tells me to get out and takes his rings back just to call me back the next day to say he is sorry and he wants this marriage to work.  We’ve only been married for a year and I’ve moved in with him.  He also doesn’t get along with my daughter and he complains that she doesn’t speak to him.  I told him he wines and nags like a woman so I am thinking about leaving.  Do you think that would be wise or should I stay and try to work it out?


A Bruised Wife

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