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Strawberry Letter: Brother in Law Has to Go!!

Good Morning Shirley and Steve!  My husband got my brother in law a job at his company and allowed him to live with us while he got used to the city and found a place to live.  Well that was two years ago and he eats all our food and doesn’t clean up after himself we have no children so one whole side of the house is basically all to himself.  He practically lives here rent-free all paid utilities:  food, cable, passes to our community gym and pool, etc.  You name it he’s got it courtesy of us.  Now my husband got a job 3 hours away and had to get an apartment to stay during the week and he has left me here with the moocher of his brother.  I want him out but my husband says he feels a lot better knowing someone is in the house with me then me being alone.  I told my husband I did not care I was sick and tired of the situation and he has until the end of May.  He says he told him to move out and he has mentioned his guilt of having to have done it, plus, his mother has called him and given him the guilt trip. I don’t believe its true and that he will out by the end of May.  I am counting down the days.  My question is what should I do if he is not out in May?  The worst part a couple of years before that my sister and kids lived with us for about a year she did pay for food, cooked and cleaned, but I know he will hold it against me because he sees it as us helping family.  Desperately looking for a solution.

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