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Strawberry Letter: Was I Right or Wrong?

Hey Steve and the family,  I am a 24 year old female that is well established for my age.  I have my own house, car and I am a registered nurse.  Anyway I met this guy a couple months ago and I was interested in him.  We would hang out from time to time and I really enjoyed his company, but it seemed like the only thing that would become of this is friends with benefits.  One day out of the blue he said, “his birthday is coming up and what am I going to get him?”  I quickly mentioned the friends with benefits and he said, “No, its not like that, I want more, I want to get to know you as a person,” and the whole time I’m thinking he is just saying this to continue to get the goods.  So the next time he came over, he ended up trying and getting the goods and after it was over I got upset, left the room and came back and told him it was time for him to go.  He had gotten what he wanted and there was no reason for him to still be here.  He looked confused and didn’t know where the attitude came from but he got up and got his stuff and before he left he said, “I’ll talk to you later,” and I said, “ I don’t think I will be communicating with you anymore.”  I feel bad now.  Was I wrong?   

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