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Strawberry Letter:Trippin’ Husband and Wife!

Now from the first meeting of this man I informed him that I don't have relationships with married men and I don't do the second woman relationship either.  Thirty days past and the brother brings divorce papers to the gym.  Bold out chest singing, see I’m a free man.  Okay I check the paper and tells a brother where’s the raised stamp from the court.  Brother claimed that the lie lawyer has the copy and he will get it soon.  Friday rolls in and we go out on town.  Monday the wife visits my aunt's house crying that I am stealing her husband.  Now this creates a big mess in my family of ten preachers (smile at that) and the fact that I don't know that his wife of 30 years knows my family.  Anyway, I called hus-man and tell him to lose my number and make his wife happy.  Well on Friday this wife is back at my aunties house and calls me on the phone requesting me to call her husband and tell him to go home because he won't answer her calls.  Please know and believe that I inform the wife that I have not spoken with her husband since she went to my aunties house, that I will not call her husband for her.  Now 3 to 5 times a week I'm getting letters from both of them.  Yes, Steve I read your book and no cookie was given up.  These two make single life look real great!   What do you suggest I do?

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