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Strawberry Letter: I Had Him First

Dear Steve and Shirley, I'm a young widow, in my late twenties. I recently started dating a childhood friend after we discovered we had feelings for each other, or so I thought. Everything seemed great in the beginning, but 6 months in, his behavior started changing and I felt neglected. When I tried to talk to him about it, he brushed it off. He lead me to believe that I was imagining it, but as a female, I knew that something wasn't right. So I began snooping around and to my surprise, I found out that he was dating another female. What made it worse is that it’s my cousin that he's been dating! Yes, my very own flesh and blood cousin. I was very hurt by this and immediately broke it off with him, confronted my cousin, and cut them both off. But now here's the problem… even though we are no longer in a relationship, we are still sleeping together. I can't lie, the intimacy we share is more than great. Am I wrong for sleeping with him even though he is still sleeping with my cousin? My cousin has done this to me in the past. She has made a pass at every guy I’ve dated and either they told me about it or I found out on my own. What should I do? Should I fight for him or let it go? After all, I had him first!

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