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Right or Wrong: If One Drowns, Do They All Drown & Noah's Ark

Tommy: “If one synchronized swimmer drowns, ain’t they all supposed to drown?”

So If one synchronized swimmer drowns they all have to drown? 

I’m almost sure that is not what synchronized swimming is. That is definitely taking the term synchronized to a level of which I believe doesn’t not exist in the world of “make sense”. But Tommy seems to think otherwise so the journey of Right or Wrong begins.

It doesn’t stop there folks, the Nephew has more!

Tommy again: “There is no way in the world that Noah had woodpeckers on the arc! Because they would have put wholes all in the arc.”

As much sense as that makes, I’m sure there were probably contingencies for situations like that Tommy, like maybe some sort of bird cage/habitat, I don’t know. You all have got to check out the crews response to Tommy below and don’t forget to comment and tell us what you think.