All These Darn Kids!

What’s going on morning crew?  

I have been in a relationship with my woman for about 5 years now and she is the mother of my son.  When I met her she already had one son that was still a baby.  I have been taking care of him since.  He don’t have a clue who his real father is.  I am a good man so I took on the responsibility.  Eventually we later had a kid together.  This is all good but now she wants to have another one.  As tough as times are now we don’t need another child.  I am in school because I can’t find a job and she works part time at daycare center.  We can’t afford to have another baby but she always wants to have sex, i am with that.  Her Medicaid done ran out so she is not on the shot anymore.  I like the pleasure of feeling the real thing when I do the do I don’t want a condom this is my woman I know we cool.  Help me out Steve, what would you do in this situation?