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Steve Harvey weighs in on Dave Chappelle's CBS Interview

So we had to weigh in on the recent interview Dave Chappelle did with Gayle King for CBS This Morning.

In the Interview Dave spoke about the mis-interpreted concept that he did not like Key and Peele, which was in fact not true. He says that he likes Key and Peele, it just when he sees a formula on their show that he had to fight hard to create and then he reads the caption “Created by Key and Peele”, it makes him a bit sad. 

Dave also mentioned the fact that when you reach a certain level of celebrity your words are scrutinized a bit more and that is something Steve can definitely relate to. Given his recent controversies Steve talks about how his words now are open for more criticism.

“Now, anything you do, you have to be politically correct, and that ain’t comedy”

So what do you do the jokes about? If not about people, politics, religion, children or relevant subject matter, then what. That was the question Harvey posed to our audience. Are people missing the point that laughter starts with laughing at ourselves? That is the job of the comedian, right? To turn the mirror back on the society we live in and show us, us? 

Listen below to Steve’s Response in full and tell us what you think.