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Trump wiretapping a distraction?

A distraction?

There has been a lot of coverage on CNN and MSNBC about the Obama Administration wire-tapping Trump Towers. Well, the crew believes it to be a distraction from the fact that nobody from either political party talking about anything that benefits the people.

Steve: “It’s a distraction, and everybody bit it Hook, Line, and Sinker”

Shirley: “Well, no, I don’t think, they don’t think it is a distraction, I think it’s there job though, to report the news.”

Is talking about unlikely wiretapping of Trump Towers by the Obama Administration news? As a people what is important to us? So far the most important topics, we don’t play a visible part in are being over-shadowed by social fluff. Tell me that this wire-tapping conversation didn’t happen right when the FBI started investigating Trump and his Russian involvement and election hacks. 

Steve: “They Slicker than Puppy Doodoo on a Kitchen Floor”

All, this talk and neither side of the news, conservative nor liberal, are doing anything to actually help the people.

Shirley: “Well, they think they are, ya know, the republicans do with the work they’re doing on the health care bill”

Honestly, who is the ultra-conservative version of the bill going to help besides people who profit off of health insurance? The repeal removes very fundamental parts of the bill being the coverage for pre-existing conditions, Senior discounts on prescriptions, and slowing the rate of healthcare inflation. Those issues alone cover and help millions of Americans. The republicans are 21 votes short and we believe it’s a battle between the ultra-conservative republican, who wants things to go back to the way they were, and the moderate republican who knows it still has some great components and won’t just strip these components away from millions of Americans.

See we don’t get to directly vote on these things, Health Care and Foreign policy (Travel Ban). And it seems the media (both sides) only want to talk about Trump, Trump, Trump. Well, how about educating the public on what it can do locally to help the things we don’t have direct control over? 

Steve: “They pimpin’ us so cold right now!”

Don’t forget, the media makes money off of sensationalism. So if there is an opportunity to make money on sensationalism over education, please understand, they will choose sensationalism. At the cost of educating the people.

Listen to the crew discuss below