Younger Man!

Hello Steve Harvey Morning Show.  

Boy do I have a dilemma for you. I meet this man whom I  believe is the man of my dreams. I have strong feelings for him. I can’t stop thinking about him or wanting to be with him. There has been no sexual involvement as of yet.  The dilemma is I am married and older than him and he doesn’t know how old I am. He doesn’t know I am married and have children. I have only one child left at home  with me.  Its about a 16 year difference between our ages. I am scared to tell him my age because it might run him away. I don’t look my age. What I really do want is to get a divorce from my husband but I don’t know what to do about the younger man. I can get the divorce but how do I tell the younger man everything without losing him. Steve don’t just tell me to tell him straight out because it doesn’t work that way and you know it. I need instructions and steps. I want to be honest. Help me do this the right way.