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The Battle for the Blog "aka “The Blog Zone”

So we begin our story with Eugene and Oatmeal. Two entities inside of one head, Tommy’s head. Both of them want a space in the space we all know as… “The Blog Zone” (dodododooooo dodododooooo)

-That was me doing a twilight zone thing in case you didn’t catch on. 

Shirley, Carla, and Junior have voted and the tally is 2 - 1. Carla and Junior voted for Oatmeal and Shirley voted for Eugene. It’s now up to Tommy! 

Tommy don’t let Eugene down!

Fight for the Butterfly, I couldn’t say don’t make the Butterfly cry because Eugene is always crying about something. Well, that may be the reason why the crew is kinda tired, all that emotion emoting all the time. 

This is it, the last effort. Eugene and Oatmeal must plead their cases to Steve. Which way will he sway? Eugene stop all that damn crying!