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Torn Between Mother and Wife!

Steve and the Morning Crew, 

My brother has been involved with this one particular woman in his life for about six years.  They do not have any children just yet, but, are engaged to be married.  My mother has always disapproved their relationship and has always tried to find a way to come in between them.  My brother’s best friend is my mother but he loves his fiancé dearly and does not  want to lose her.  My mother seems to believe that my brother’s fiancé may have stolen personal property from her so she went to the police and pressed charges against her.  After finding out about this situation, my brother broke his engagement with his fiancé but just recently reunited with her again about six months ago.  When my mother disowned my brother and told him to never consider himself in our family.  You see Steve I am 17 years old and have one child on the way and still in high school.  I am scheduled to graduate this year.  When I told my mother I was pregnant, she did not disown me.  I just don’t understand.  My brother is standing with his wife and I am 3 months pregnant.  I think my situation is worse.  What should my brother do Steve?  Please help him.  

Thank you, Clueless.