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Who is Tommy Jealous of?

So the question of the week is “Who are you jealous of” and Tommy seems to be avoiding this question. Earlier this week he said Steve was jealous of him. Maybe he think Steve is jealous because Tommy bought a Maserati a while back, maybe it’s because Tommy is still touring doing shows, who knows why Tommy thinks that. We try to turn the spotlight back on him but, well…

Well, we ask him again and his response, because we think he’s a little secretly jealous of Steve…

“Man, I’m not jealous of you. Im equal to you” -Tommy

The crew had a grand laugh. I mean an astronomically grand laugh. What do you mean Tommy? Equal, like the sugar?

So the conversation took over Carla’s Reality update, so we ask him again.

“I said what I said and I’ll say it again. I’m not jealous of him, I’m equal to him” 


Tommy goes line for line on why he’s equal and Junior got something for every line item. When I say it had us dying up in this studio. Come on Tommy, we with you homie. Ya know what, this is a Reality Update.

Oh, and then “One More Thing” looks like we are still on the conversation of jealousy. Steve gives examples to help support Tommy’s point on how they are equal.