Financially Frustrated Over Entertainment!

Steve and Shirley here’s my situation.  

My wife and I have been married for 10 years and we dated 5 years before that.  My wife and I really enjoy going to concerts, comedy shows, and even that occasional trip to the casino.  However, my problem is that I always seem foot the entire bill.  I am talking to the whole works, tickets, drinks, and the high parking fee and God forbid she wants to go eat before we head out to our event.  I don’t want to seem shallow or cheap but sometimes shouldn’t she pay.  One time I politely asked her about purchasing the tickets to an event that we want to go to and she laughed and said since I make more money that she does, then I should foot the bill.  Now Steve I do make more than she does but she continues to forget that I have a child support payment, really expensive medical insurance for my family and a tuition payment for our son to go to a private school that I pay out of my own financial bucket.  Here is a quick rundown of how we do our finances if you are curious.  We have a joint account that we use to pay bills and joint debt and then we each have a separate account  that we do our own miscellaneous spending.  So what do you think?  This is a real situation for me and some of my other male friends.  I am interested to hear your viewpoint.  

Best regards, Financially Frustrated Over Entertainment. 


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