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Tommy and his Rolls Royce

We’ve gotten so many requests to run this segment back that its been crazy. So, In case you missed it last week, Tommy was late to work and called Steve to tell him what was up. Well, we all know Tommy struggling to live that “Steve Harvey, High Dollar-Low Mileage” life but Tommy still in that “Get it how you live” stage. You gotta listen…

Whats up with the Rolls Tommy? Why you buy a used Rolls Royce and you got money Tommy? Who in the high waters of Atlantis buys a used Rolls Royce anyways? Where do you even find a used Rolls Royce to buy and how you ain’t got no warranty (I know “ain’t got no” is bad grammar #forthegrammernazis), HOW SWAY!?!

"If you have a Rolls Royce, it can't be your only car!" - Steve Harvey

Tommy doing too much with the Rolls Royce and why is he under the hood? Tommy need jumper cables to, damn homie. Didn’t know that folks who rolled in Rolls even used jumper cables.

Okay, Tommy has us falling out in the studio right now. I swear you could not make this stuff up and even if you did it wouldn’t be half as funny. This is the Prank of the day, we don’t even have to do a prank after this one. So next Tommy tries to explain who he go the car from.

Tommy, who in the Holy Hellman mayonnaise is Robert Dixon and what did he do before he became a "Good Person"? 

"Ever since Robert got out of jail he been a Good Person" - Tommy

Tommy you can't get a warranty from Robert Dixon and who told you that buying a Rolls Royce from some random guy was a thing? Wow, and it just gets better folks. This fool calls Robert Dixon at his momma's house. 

So now Steve and Junior have to roast Tommy.

So at this point, Tommy wants to talk to his Auntie Marjorie. You all just have to listen to this.