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I Finally Told Him About the Baby!

Hello Shirley and Steve, 

My engagement has been broken off for 3 months now because my fiancé married another woman while we were engaged.  Anyway after he left for basic training last year I found out I was pregnant with his baby.  I lost the baby at 8 and a half weeks.  I never told him because I knew it would hurt him.  Now that he is married, he keeps texting me telling me he loves me and is just checking on me so I found the guts to tell him about the baby.  He still asks me questions like do I still love him and serious stuff that he shouldn’t be considering that he cheated on me got her pregnant then married her while we were still together.  I’m not over him but I can’t go back to him because the way he handled it.  He lied and I had to find out the truth, I wanted answers so I got them.  Now my heart won’t let him go.  He is always texting me not checking on me because he cares about me.  It’s probably because I opened my big mouth about the baby.  I still love him but I can’t go back.  

Somebody please, I need some light on this situation.

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