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Husband That Smokes!

I have been married to my husband for over 30 years.  

Lately, he seems to be angry a lot but never wants to talk about what is bothering him.  If you ask him what the problem is, he would say that it is me but he does not identify any specific thing.  He has problems sleeping at night which makes him cranky even more.  What really bothers me is that he is a smoker.  I have asthma and he continues to smoke in my presence.  I had a stroke in my eye and the doctor told him that I could lose my eye if he did not stop smoking around me.  He tries to blow the smoke out of the window but it blows back into the room.  Sometimes he leaves the bedroom to smoke else where but then other times it seems as if he doesn’t care.  The doctor told him to stop smoking but he still continues to do so.  I care what happens to him but I am more concerned about staying healthy.  What can I do to make him understand that smoking and second hand smoke can harm both of us.  Yours truly, innocent bystander.

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