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Dead Bat Salad

Man, I have so many questions! But first, let me give you the background from Huffington Post:

“Two people in Florida reportedly discovered a dead bat in a prepackaged salad, prompting a recall and an investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” -Ron Dicker General Assignment Reporter, The Huffington Post

Now apparently the couple started eating before they discovered there was a dead deteriorating bat in their salad. Now, how the hell did they miss that? Did they pour the mix in a bowl, start eating then discover the bat in the bowl? Was it still in the bag and while they were eating they glance back at the bag and saw a subtle mouse-like creature staring back at them? Did they just open a bag of salad and started eating out of the bag and in between handfuls of salad they uncovered the post-mortem body of a bat? How!?! 

I just can’t see me eating a salad without seeing the contents first, I just can’t. 

Check out what the crew had to say.