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Get Her Out My House!

Dear Shirley and Steve, 

My problem is, I have a lady I thought was perfect for me, fact is, she is a LIAR.  Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie.  She will tell me something and then turnaround and tell me the same story different.  She was fired from her job for stealing cigarettes and on top of that she exchanged numbers with the guy she sold them to.  The manager showed me the video, she told me they exchanged names.  I caught an old boyfriend bringing her lunch at work.  She said he just popped up.  Another time she gave her number to another old boyfriend, she said she don’t know why she did it.  I give her everything she needs house, food I mean I really take care of her.  She is getting all sorts of stuff that was ordered from the mail that she says her mother orders for her and the kids.  Her mother is barely making ends meet so how can she afford it she doesn’t have a job she has two children that I take care of like mine and I love them to death.  I hate to put her out because I know she will take them from house to house and they won’t have a stable life.  What should I do?  I did love her but the lies have hurt bad, she has also let the kids tear up my house because she doesn’t watch them.  

Help me please!

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