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See the problem with Airlines is...

Bus ticket and Train tickets about to go up.

“The beauty of this is that it was all captured on film” - Steve

I’m sure by now you all have heard about the situation involving a United Airlines passenger being dragged off of the plane. If you haven’t heard check out the video below.

This is absolutely ridiculous, it is obvious where the priority of it's paying passengers is placed. This is all because the flight was over booked and a United crew member needed to be able to get on board. 

The crew weighs in:

Shirley was right, they usually ask for volunteers for an over-booked flight before seating passengers. And this is exactly the reason why. 

Afterwards, Steve shares some of his airline drama with the crew that lead him to expand his vision board. Now don't get me wrong, Steve's drama is definitely "First World" drama and pales in comparison but ya know, everybody has something... right?

Now, it's time for "What Would the Crew DO?"

First Shirley shares some detail about United CEO Oscar Munoz's past with Pepsi...

How funny is that? Last week Pepsi dealt in their own share of scandal.

Check out the audio from the show.

Now, things have changes since Shirley's statement about United Stocks.

CNN has the latest, click here to check out what their stocks look like now.