United Airlines v.s. Willie Turner Part 1 and 2

"WILLIE AIN’T GOIN’ NO WHERE!" - Willie Turner

So this is the full recap of the United Airlines WIllie Turner incident that we happen to have the audio of. Don’t ask how we got it but we got it. The events happen right after the altercation between United officials and passenger David Dao. 

It looks like Willie isn’t having it, check out part 1 below:

So it looks like the situation has escalated and “Willie ain’t movin’!” (for some reason Willie speaks in first person). Willie thinks he is being racially profiled and speaks with the supervisor Mr. Conley who lets Willie know they may have to use physical force.

“You can bring your little baby talking @$$ down here if you want to, Willie ain’t going nowhere!” - Willie Turner

Super Hilarious, listen below, It get’s much better.