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I moved her but now I can't dump her.

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am 26 years old and three years ago I graduated college and met a nice young lady who I've been with since then. After graduation I ended up moving back to my home town and yes I took her with me. Before I started dating my girlfriend who is 4 years younger than me I was living on my own. I moved my girlfriend in with me because her mom kicked her out of the house. I am really a good man, I am very motivated, ambitious, and I take business seriously. However since i've moved my girlfriend to my hometown with me, everything has gone bad. She is very in love with me but we are just 2 different people. She doesn't have goals and the only thing she likes to do is take pictures of herself in the mirror, post instagram pictures, and get her hair done. Our apartment lease ends and we have to go our separate ways. To save money I am moving in with my parents for a few months and I feel that now she is extra baggage that I can't get rid of. I feel bad because I know she does not know how to survive out here on her own. I see no future with us and i've offer to move her back home but she wants to stay. I am not in love with her anymore but I feel obligated to take care of her. This brother here's got dreams and goals and I do not want to hold myself back and regret it.

Sincerely, Young Brother.

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