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Is it Facebook's fault?

We all know very well the story of Steve Stephens "Facebook Killer". Well, there is an outcry in the media directed toward Facebook's video policies. Recently Facebook commented on the events and reveals the timeline of what happened.

Facebook's recap of the incident:

On Sunday morning, a man in Cleveland posted a video of himself announcing his intent to commit murder 

then two minutes later posted another video of himself shooting and killing an elderly man. 

A few minutes after that, he went live, confessing to the murder. 

It was a horrific crime — one that has no place on Facebook, and goes against our policies and everything we stand for.

Various initial news stories had misreported what videos were posted when and which were livestreamed on Facebook. In response to these reports, Facebook issued a timeline clarifying what happened and when.

    - Mashable

One thing that we all need to recognize is that societies ails cannot be solved by technology. The issue here is mental health and gun control. The only thing technology does is help make it visible. We don't believe that the answer is that Facebook needs to add an A.I. to find and remove these videos. The answer is...

"People need to stop sharing and sensationalizing this stuff!"

Check out below what the crew has to say: