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I’ve Fallen for my In-Law and don’t know what to do!

Good morning here is my situation.  

My sister recently got married, there were only the husband’s brother and me the sister in her wedding.  Her brother in law and myself quickly started liking each other.  My family likes him and his mom likes me.  Once the wedding weekend was over, we all went to our respective state.  He and I talk on the phone every night all night.  He is the perfect guy I have been praying for.  Finally, I don’t have to settle for less.  I know the feeling is mutual because we talk about it constantly.  Its like infatuation at first sight.  The problem is we are both smart enough to start anything like a relationship after just meeting, plus we are in different states.  How can we find that balance between taking our time and getting to know each other when everything feels so right.  We have so much in common and never run out of things to say, we agreed its okay for us to date others but I don’t want to see him with anyone.  Its hard not develop feelings when he is the only one I talk to on a daily basis.  

What should we do?

Listen below to Steve and Shirley's response!

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