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Your Thoughts!

Good morning all.  

I’ll start by saying that I have been married to my husband for a few years now and we have 2 beautiful children.  Recently, I have noticed that my husband has been taking his wedding ring off when we are not together.  I have found it in the cup holder of the car, in his pocket, in his gym bag, etc.  Every time I ask about it, he gives a different excuse.  I’ve also told him how this hurts me but he blows me off like I am making too much of nothing.  It is my belief that he removes his ring to present himself as a single man to other women when he is out.  He doesn’t take me out with him.  He only goes out with his friends/co-workers.  I believe that I have come to my wits end with pretending that our marriage is worth salvaging.  On numerous occasions I have asked that we attend marriage counseling but he refuses.  He blames me for everything and the only thing we do is argue.  I have to communicate to him by writing a letter because reasonable talking never works.  I have become depressed and withdrawn from socializing with friends and family.  On my lunch hour, I sit in my car and cry.  While driving, sometimes I pass my intended path because my mind is always distraught.  My marriage has absorbed me completely and I need help.  I am ready to leave this married single man who has no desire to commit his love and attention to his family.  My husband listens to the show every morning as so do I.  

So if you could give both of us some encouraging advice, it would be greatly appreciated!  


Listen below to hear the response from Steve and Shirley.

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