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Jay is ready for a day off? Steve has a different take.

So it's time for our "30 something funny" segment and the crew wants to use that time to ask Steve any question they have on their mind. Well, Since Jay is the newbie in the game, the ball is in his court to ask Steve a question. Well...

Jay seems to want to prep Steve a bit before asking his question,

"So, the question is. I get to ask my question right? My question is, this is my eleventh day here. I love everyone here, it's great working here. Now that I have THE MAN on the phone, a direct question would not be out the way right? So my question is this, here's my question. I'm getting ready to ask my question now. Because, I have a question to ask him. The question is..." 

- J. Anthony Brown

He's not nervous is he? Jay asked so many questions getting to his question that now I have question. Why Jay, why??? 

Well in all his babbling he revealed a secret about who's on time and who's not and apparently a "bit dog will holler" if you know what I mean. Ahem *cough (Carla)...

I don't want to give it all away, check out the sound byte below to hear his question and Steve's response.