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In Too Deep!

Hello Steve and Shirley,

I have a situation.  

In December of 2007 I decided to write an ex that had been sent to prison, about a week later, I received a response but only it wasn’t from the intended recipient.  All though they share the same first and last name, I have sent the letter to the wrong man.  This man informed me that I have the wrong guy.  I decided to respond thanking him for letting me know of my error but the thing is we are still communicating and I now have strong feelings for him.  Our relationship has grown to where he has asked me to marry him once he is released.  This is a very intelligent man who is incarcerated due mostly to self-inflictions but who has also realized the mistakes he has made and the time he has and is currently wasting of his life.  

To sum  it all up, I think I got myself in too deep.  

Tell me what should I do!?

Check out the response from Steve and Shirley below.

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