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Weekend Confession Got Real!

The Weekend confessions were real last Monday! 

First we had John from Alabama call and talk to us about how he went clubbin’ with his momma. Now that alone is crazy, now I know some of you are thinking in your head 

“I club with my momma what’s wrong with that?” 

Well… everything damn thing is wrong with that. I don’t want to see my momma get loose no where! But, I guess that’s just me tho. John from Alabama is the main reason why I couldn’t go clubbin’ with my mom. 

Then after John from Alabama we had Christian from Florida on the line. So he and his girlfriend moved down from Oakland, CA to get his life right. Apparently his mom was already in Florida with her then boyfriend at the time and things get complicated. But, the thing is the funny doesn’t kick in until Christian talks about how he doesn’t date white women. That’s when J. Anthony Brown has to step in.

Listen below because I couldn’t write this stuff: