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Steve is "Laid Out"!!!

We all know and love Steve for his inspirational messages, quotes, and sometimes awkward guidance. So, today much like every other day, Steve started the morning off with a little message of abundance, praise, and expectation. The crew was full of Amen’s and affirmations, even Tommy. 

Part of Steve message was his gratefulness of what has been brought into his life and how he looks forward to how he will be “laid out” today.

Well, Tommy had a comment about that last statement.

“ He Done Laid you out! We gon’ quit this, he gon’ lay me out. Have you looked at how you layin’ ? ” - Tommy

To add insult to injury, Jay decided to add his two cents,

“ Yea, you need to add, Some Mo’ in there! ” - J. Anthony Brown


Tommy says that every time he call Jesus he on the phone with Steve. Now, Steve doesn’t find it so funny (but it was damn funny).

Listen below to what Steve’s response was. I promise y’all bought to be screaming Amen at the end of this one.