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Junior tells the Truth about Comedian Monique's Statement

So you’ve probably heard by the whole Monique rant about Oprah, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry. Well, In case you missed it…

Now, that is a strong hand to bet against. If this were spades, it would be like playing against a team where one partner has the Big Joker, the Little Joker, and Ace and Deuce of Spades (If you’re playing Ace-Deuce) and your hand looks like a Sierra Leone Massacre (ya know red hearts and (blood) diamonds, ha I make me laugh!). In other words, it seems like a likely chance she is digging a career grave for herself.

Well, Junior is here to the rescue with some helpful tips about who she would have been much safer talking about. We can’t help but to exercise the funny, even though on a serious note, we do pray that Monique gets through this because we do have mad love for her.

Anyways listen to the bit below, Truth Be Told, and have a laugh on us!