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Young Stepmother Trying to Get Away!

Good morning Steve, Shirley, Tommy, and Carla.  

I need some serious help.  

See I used to be involved with an older man.  See I like older men.  I am 29, he is 49.  We dated for 5 years and in between that time I got pregnant with our son.  We are not together anymore.  I bought a house and he has his own place.  Our problem is he has daughters that are older than me and they don’t respect me.  When he and I used to live together, that is when things went downhill.   I attended one of his daughter’s baby showers and one of his daughters told me to leave because I don’t do nothing but sit there.  Then he embarrassed me in front of everybody by calling me by his ex wife’s name.  I was humiliated.  Then when they call the house, they don’t use words like hello or good morning, it’s just put my father on the phone.  I told their father but he always comes to their defense.  The fighting got so bad that I had to move out and stay with my sister.  When I left I thought it would be over but now they show up at my house walk in without speaking and bring all the non-sense that they do back to my house.  I told their father we are not together anymore, tell your children to leave me alone.  He says they love me and that’s their way of showing it.  I want him to just drop my son off when he comes and keep it moving.  They still call my phone and show up at my house.  His whole family is crazy.  

How do I stay away from these people without denying my son the right to see his father because if they do not leave me alone I am gonna go crazy?  

Please help seriously.

Listen below to hear the response from Steve and Shirley

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