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Diagnosed a Real Bonafied Sex Addict!

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I am losing my best friend to a diagnosed sex addict. 

Before his diagnosis, my best friend's husband cheated on her repeatedly. She put him in therapy and he was diagnosed a sex addict. 

Months later a date rape charge came up against him. 

She convinced me of his innocence. I was asked to write him a character letter. I told myself just because he cheats doesn't make him a rapist. So I wrote the letter. Then a few months later another date rape charge from a different woman in a different state came up. My best friend once again tried to convince me of his innocence. I wasn't buying it. Then he made the fatal error of propositioning me at one of their parties. I snapped and he slithered away. She told me I am a negative force and she wants her distance if I won't be supportive and accept that he has a sex addiction. He's having plenty sex (even with men) but never with her. 

Our friendship is ruined because I spoke my mind. 

Signed truly don't know what to do.

Listen below to what Steve and Shirley had to say!

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