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Cheating Boyfriend!

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Hi Steve, 

I want your advice my boyfriend and I have a relationship for six years. He started cheating on me three years ago. He had a child with that girl and now he's cheating again. His mother has stopped talking to me because she thought I was trying to take her son from her. I wrote him a letter a while back telling him that I need him to be a man and that I can rely on the man that I need to head our household. And the only way that can happen is if you stop allowing his mother to control him and our relationship as well. His mother read the letter and since then his mother has been out to get me. She's told millions of lies on me. She's encouraged him to bring the girl home even when she knew we were still together. She even told me to stay away from her son and stop coming between him and the girl. Now he's telling me he wants to marry me but he's just not ready for it. Making excuses about work and money and different stuff. Now I've been with him through thick and thin despite the fact that everyone's advice to me is to leave him. I'm seeking your advice, advice from a man with no interest of gaining now I've been hearing rumors that he's been telling people that I'm running him down when this is not true. There were a couple of times when I tried ending it and he asked me back what should I believe. 

I'm so confused.

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