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My wife’s mouth scares me

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Dear Steve and Shirley, 

I must admit… I am a reformed heathen. 

Ten years ago, I decided to change my ways and I started going to church. I met a woman there and we became friends. A few years passed and we decided we wanted to be more than friends, but we decided to abstain from sex until marriage. We made it two years before temptation got the best of us and we had sex. It was clear that I was more experienced than she was.  Eventually, we got married and our love life is awesome now. It took her a while to find her rhythm, but now she is rocking my world! There’s just one thing… when we really get going, she starts cursing like she’s on Def Comedy Jam. Now, even when I was doing my dirt in the streets, I didn’t curse because it just didn’t feel right to me. But, my wife curses up a storm when we’re making love. 

How can I keep the freakiness, but lose all the cursing? 

Please help.

Listen below to hear the response from Steve and Shirley:

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